THE 99,9%
A patented formula which sets you free from all worries: it stops the onset of allergies and of most common bacterial infections such as Candida, itching and burning.
Elisir e Bevande
Excellent breathability guaranteed by the micro perforated layers, providing twice the absorbency of normal pads thanks to the Super Absorb Polymer Technology. ULTRA ABSORBENT + TRANSPIRANT
Captures odors quickly, thanks to a system of molecules distributed over the sanitary pad, it makes sure you feel fresh and confident even indoors. ANTI-ODOR


The caresses of our line
Illedi bonne-nuit
The extra length and higher-absorbency ensure peaceful sleep, even for women who move a lot and have trouble falling asleep during their menstrual period.
Illedi bonjour
Suitable for all types of flow, it is designed to support women on those heavy flow days, releasing some of the concerns associated with frequent changing of pads.
Illedi pour-vous
Slightly reduced and ultra thin, designed for those with a lighter flow.
Illedi petit
Mini sanitary pads with wings indicated for those women who, having a regular flow, can avoid wearing bigger size pads. You’ll appreciate the extraordinary absorbency despite the reduced size.
Illedi toujours
Used both day and night, to make you feel safe at all times, also useful in case of occasional spotting.
Illedi tanga
A unique product of its kind, by type and comfort. Ideal for athletes and for people who want to have a light protection suitable for all types of lingerie.


1 Reduces up to 99.9% bacteria by releasing oxygen and nano-silver, a natural element used in medicine for its antibacterial and antitoxic actions that prevents and treat discomfort, but also fungi, allergies and infections.
2Eliminates the pathogens responsible for bad smells thanks to the special anionic strip and the polyvalent atoms that capture odors through a fast and completely natural process.
3Minimizes the occurrence of allergies thanks to its soft non-woven veil on cotton blend, which prevents allergies and dermatitis. Suitable also for sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin types.
4Absorbs twice as much as the average regular pad, thanks to the Super Absorbent Polymer cutting-edge technology used to retain large amounts of fluids. Suitable even for the heaviest flow.
5Micro-perforated layers help dissipates heat, letting the fluid pass but isolating the skin from the damp.


Clinical trials approved and certified by the Ministry of Health bear witness to our reliability and consistency achieved in product quality.

Illedi is the only sanitary pad qualified as a medical device by the Ministry of Health.

Illedi has patented their revolutionary formula to guarantee only the best for your daily comfort and well-being.

Lab tests show a specific anti-microbial action against the following microorganisms:

[ATCC 6538]
Staphylococcus Aureus 99,9 %
[ATCC 4352]
Klebsiella Pneumoniae 99,9 %
[ATCC 10231]
Candida Albicans 99,7 %

frequently asked questions


Small tips with big benefits
What differentiates Illedi from other sanitary pads?
Illedi is an innovative pad. In addition to absorb menstrual flow, Illedi offers an antibacterial and anti fungal function able to block pathogenic bacteria proliferation on the area of contact with the pads.
Why replace my usual sanitary pad with Illedi?
Because you want to pay attention to your health. Choose Illedi because it guarantees hygienic safety thanks to its antimicrobial function, therefore providing also anti-odor features. And let’s not forget its excellent absorbance capacity demonstrated in comparative tests with common sanitary pads.
What are the benefits of the product?
Illedi is a unique sanitary pad, with its high breathability it provides a feeling of freshness and dryness ensuring high comfort even after a long time. In addition, it contrasts bacterial growth and provides an important odor control function. Illedi is a complete line that represents a valid daily aid to maintain good feminine hygiene and to prevent infections and irritations.
Is it true that medical devices can be deducted for tax purposes?
Yes and in this respect, we provide the link from the Ministry of health: click here
What is the Illedi technology?
It is a nanotechnology combining the antibacterial action of negative oxygen ions to that of the silver ions, in order to create an environment not conducive to bacterial and fungal growth on the contact surface of the absorbent.
Is Illedi a patented device?
Illedi sanitary pads use an innovative technology recognized with a Patent for Industrial Invention n. 0001420105
Why Illedi sanitary pads are a medical device?
Thanks to their technology, Illedi pads exert an antimicrobial action that eliminates up to 99.9% of certain micro-organisms, with a consequent elimination of odors related to proliferative inflammation.
Should Illedi only be used in the presence of a pathology?
Absolutely not! Illedi is a medical device due to its action against pathogens, at the same time it is an adjuvant agent essential for both daily prevention and maintenance of intimate feminine hygiene. Hygiene and comfort are the winning combination of Illedi Linea Intima.
Where can I buy Illedi sanitary pads?
In the best pharmacies, drugstores and medical supplies stores. The distribution of the product began in April 2016 and plans to cover most of the country in the space of 12 months. Being distributed by the wholesaler, you can order and collect the product from your pharmacist within hours.
How much does Illedi cost?
The retail price is € 5.40 per pack. There is a single price for all product types: Night (Bonne Nuit), Day (Bonjour), Anatomy (Pour Vous), Mini (Petit), Anatomic panty liners (Toujours) and Thong (Tanga). What changes is the number of pads for each type. The high absorbency capacity has allowed the realization of reduced size pads when compared to others on the market. Mini for example, it is first in its kind, despite being in effect a sanitary pad, it is little bigger than a normal panty liner.
Why is this product slightly more expensive than the average price of competing products?
A product of similar characteristics does not exist; in addition to its function as a sanitary pad it also provides a function of prevention, with an absolute quality standard.
Who is the owner of the patent and trademark Illedi?
The HNP srl, based in Giulianova (TE) – Italy.


What you choose makes a difference. Every day.
Carlotta, Milan
I have chosen Illedi because it makes the days of my period feel lighter.
Federica, Rome
When I tried Illedi sanitary pads I understood why I had paid more for them: comfortable like no other and last much longer!
Ludovica, Palermo
When I wear Illedi I feel like I am wearing a tampon. You forget you are wearing it!
Francesca, Naples
The Tanga line is fantastic. I wear it with any lingerie without worry.
Beatrice, Rome
Since I started using Illedi, Candida does not affect me anymore. Finally I realized it also stemmed from the type of pads used!
Alessandra, Turin
The real merit of Illedi? Its ability to protect me from bacteria even during my period.
Sveva, Nuoro
The Illedi green characteristic is truly unique compared to other sanitary pads lines!
Rossana, Bari
They cost a little bit more than others but they absorb much more and in the end you use less of them … Ultimately it is worth it!
Antonella, Florence
Every time I put them on, I think I will not have to worry about changing, at least not for the next four hours. It is a nice advantage!
Chiara, Teramo
Since I started using Illedi, on the days of my cycle I sleep more restful nights.


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